Just wondering if you guys keep the old parts you change out. Over the last couple months have been keeping the convection blowers,

combustion blowers, Pilot assemblies, snap discs, switches, gas valves, and anything I can learn off of etc... Starting to compile serveral

manuals, nonmenclature, and anything install instruction related. As of right now IPI seems to be the blaring weak spot in terms of

troubleshooting for me because I deal with them in a problem solution context. I have given in to the fireplace/insert/freestanding way

of a service now (My HVAC education helps alot and confuses me as well) but no longer yearn to be working on splits or gas packs I

love the little niche of a field I lucked in to. If you guys are out running service for hearth productions/systems, have a cool and

productive season.

Robert O running service in Clovis/Fresno