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    I am also a huge Tigers and Detroit sports fan for that matter. I am not happy we lost the World Series by any means, however I am happy that both the Tigers and Giants were in the World Series instead of teams like New York and Boston who pay MILLIONS of dollars for special players that are supposed to win for them. It is shows that it is still a team sport and the teams that can come together with good players will rule. Giants are legit and out played the Tigers. We do have next year! Go Tigers!

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    Don't talk to me about sucking! I'm a Seattle fan. Need I say more? Hell we even lost our whole basketball team!
    Don't worry zombies are looking for brains, you're safe...

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    My friend had to give away two game 4 tickets, face value $230 ea. He was selling them for $400 on stubhub/Craigslist and had only **** offers. No one wanted to sit in 40 deg weather to see the doomed cats.

    Now will someone stab Bettman in the neck please so I can watch a real team sport again.

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