Ran a call today for a customer that has a Carrier 355MAV furnace with a Evolution control stat.

Furnace: 355MAV042080
Thermostat: SYSTXBBUID01

Here's the situation:

Evolution control is showing a variety of errors (listed in the pics below)
I am the third tech to take a look into this
A week ago an April Aire #700 was installed and a clean/inspection was performed, cleaned burners, flame rod, condensate trap.
Ever since this furnace has been throwing codes daily

Here are the codes I saw this afternoon:

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The code 33 and 34 is what I am having trouble with, not sure if they are A/C related or heat related? Can anyone tell me what those faults are?

I also checked the humidifier wiring and they have the solenoid connected to the HUM and COM terminals on the furnace control board, this appears right.

Any help is much appreciated.