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    Question about Majestic propane stove advisory

    Hi everyone. We own two Majestic Insta-flame propane stoves, purchased through Irving in 1999 (we live in Nova Scotia). We received notice through Irving that they are now considered unsafe (notice is on TSSA and Health Canada websites). Subsequent to our receiving the notice from Irving info was posted on Health Canada and TSSA websites that models that have an "R" in them are ok and not part of this advisory. Ours are IRFSDV32 models. I've been told by Irving that these models are covered by the advisory and have to be disconnected, but today a retailer told us the I is for Irving and the R is for Revised and our stoves are ok. The stoves are off and the gas has been turned off at the tank. Irving is going to send a technician next week to cap the lines. Can anyone tell me what the "R" means? The latest notice on the TSSA site dated October 23rd says any model with R in the prefix are ok, but Irving says according to their records ours have to go. There seems to be a lot of confusion about this as every dealer I've talked to had a different answer. If the stoves are ok, what do I have to show Irving so they won't cap our lines?

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    Better to be safe than sorry, I would have them capped until the confusion is cleared up then have them reconnected if they are found to be ok at a later date.

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    Thanks. I don't think we have any choice as to whether they get disconnected or not, but my husband is a safety nerd and we won't be using them until this gets cleared up regardless. I sent an email to the TSSA asking if they can clarify and will call Health Canada tomorrow (although they refer questions to the TSSA website, and the TSSA says to check with a certified technician if there is any uncertainty about whether a particular model is covered). Once I get an answer I'll post it here as I have a feeling there will be lots of other people wondering!

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    Where is the Harthman ?? Good luck with a responce from TSSA I would cap & investigate further. Get Irving to tell you why and also what is the fix and who is paying for it. I would want some answers.
    Good luck
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