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    Since I'm not currently in the field, I've debated placing a call for service with the property manager the next time my unit needs work. My reason for this, is so I can try and throw off whatever tech shows up. Maybe answer the door dressed as a power ranger or something. Another reason is that the company with the service contract for my apartment complex is owned by my program director at the college I teach at, so I can only imagine the conversation that would follow.

    The only residential I ever did was for high end apartments and condos in NYC. I saw Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) answer the door to one of his NYC apartments/condo in sweatpants and a tank top with sauce stains once, and he did so like a boss without a single crap given. We had to replace a compressor in the condensing unit above one of the bathrooms. It was a finished ceiling with small access doors, and was such a PITA that once he left I took a dump in his toilet, just because.

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    So my boss is half-way in a crawl space handing me garbage from in there so we can run some new flex duct. After handing me a few pieces of insulation, tape and misc. garbage, he hands me a 12 inch black dildo. When we confronted the home owner with it (a friend of his), he swore it must be from the previous elderly owners. Not quite a "answered door" story, but I'm still too new to have any other good ones.

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