Called for jury duty
Did my duty.

However, I noted & listened to all the complaints.

12% unemployment, yet it seems everyone there has a job. Fair?

Women were bringing their toddlers & allowing them to misbehave & run amok. Every one of them said couldn't afford babysitter & all were excused.

Surprised at how many showed up & said couldn't speak english (many races) & were dismissed on their word.

Failure to appear to a jury summons is punishable by law. Yet- they are mailed out general postage & many toss in the trash. Shouldn't a signature be required?

Financial burdon no longer an excuse. Agree or disagree? Used to be 1 day- not anymore. You could wind up on a long trial!

I was in jury selection. During lunch & breaks, the accused out on bail was mingling & speaking w/ prospective jurors prior to going back in court. Bailiff wasn't concerned.

My jury selection for 12 jurors & an alternate lasted 2 days. Really? 2 days lost & never made it to trial?

Saw many prospective jurors comparing stories to be excused. Most popular were health issues or they thought the accused looked famaliar. The second one was guaranteed dismissal.

One guy was excused when he told the attorney if he was selected to serve on jury, the accused would pay for him missing work.

I saw only 3 people in the room who's job paid them to be there. The rest had to depend on the 15 bucks a day plus mileage (doesn't count for 1st day)

In the end- I found the experience very interesting.
However- excluding me- looks like the dreggs of the earth showed up for jury duty!
Very few ( I could count them on one hand) wanted to be there- the rest hated being there.
All I know- I'm NEVER breaking the law. No way I want any of these idiots on my trial!
Jury of your peers? Really?

There's got to be a better way.