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    Walk-in freeer Compressor blowing start caps

    walk in freezer having issues
    Some other company converted the old system from a water cooled condenser to a air cooled condenser which is still located inside the restaurant. approx 4 yrs old
    My buddy from work gets called in saying their freezer down, he found a bad start cap, so he replaced it and it worked fine. A few days later i get called back to this site and same thing. Top of the compressor is extremely hot and it wont start. Investiated and discovered start capibilties gone again. start cap is blown. I replaced the start cap run cap and the potential relay (took down the compressor info and got the correct parts for that compressor) Also cleaned the condenser for good measures. incase its getting too high head.
    Replaced the parts checked pressures and amps everthing is fine. I got advised by my boss that the compressor is on its way out and to let the manegers know about issue. Now today i get called from my boss that the system is down again. Same issue, but this time he went there to talk to maneger. we are looking to replace the compressor in a few days or even installing a condenser for the roof due to the temperature inside the restaurant.

    Just curious is this common thing to happen that this compressor is having a hard time starting and blowing the starting components. is this a good sign of the compressor being bad? Thinking that the people that put in this system didnt do their job of doing a proper vacuum or dirty refrigerant. Is there any other issues that may cause this to fail?

    Just wanting some input much appreciated
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