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    We have a building with 9 Mammoth units gas fired and dx cool packaged units. The burners seem to be the most finicky burners I have ever put hands on.

    It seems everytime the wind blows you have got to go and adjust the combustion air. We have had this acount for about 6 years and it has been this way pretty much every year. I have worked on them and become fairly familiar with them now and would like to know if anybody else has this problem. And if so what have you found that keeps them happy.

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    when burners have problems firing due to changes in climactic conditions, this is usually caused by trying to tune them too tight during mild weather. Yes, you may be getting every point of efficiency out of them by doing that, but you also create nuisance service calls. give em a bit of leeway and see what happens. Oh, and when you set them up, dont try to do it without having them up to temp. these must run for a bit just to warm up prior to even sticking the ole Bacharach in the breech.

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