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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty28 View Post
    ncboston...... Exactly what I was thinking! I grew up in this town/county and still know a lot of people here. I was raised three blocks away from this house. I don't want to be apologetic for other peoples bad judgement.

    ryan1088...... I have never been the type to run to the boss about other employees. Besides that he knows what hes like, he warned me about him when I got hired. He is always arguing with our boss, and is on his way out I think. I'm sure you know the type, hes always right and if you don't agree with him you're an "idiot".
    Sounds like an idiot, I would have my way with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toocoolforschool View Post
    Sounds like an idiot, I would have my way with him.

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    and he is putting you in a situation daring you to say something about don't your just as bad thru the customers eyes....then the call "your guys" goes into the shop.i don't even whistle when working in a home with the female owner around....i have had techs in high -end redsidental in Manhattan flop up on a bed and watch TV during and install or even clipping something from the owners....
    "when in doubt...jump it out"

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    This guys is a ill mannered moron, and IF you allowed it to carry on, then HE puts you into his "pack". I'd have stopped it immediately, apologised to owner, and sent the idiot home. Or called the boss and had him do it. Don't let yourself get into this situation again. We send out "follow up" surveys to all our installs, and I'm sure this crap would have been brought up on them. I don't tolerate fools or idiots in our customer's homes, and neither should you as a professional. Kinda like Mom used to say "You're known by the company you keep!".

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    Why did you come here to even ask?

    Point: you knew it was wrong, no need to ask.

    Music on an unoccupied construction site is normal, on an occupied one commercial or residential you will find far more say no than would ever allow it.

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