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    IUOE Local 399 Chicago Apprenticeship Pay?

    Hey guys, I'm going to start taking classes at my community college for stationary engineer. I'm just wondering how long the apprenticeship is for local 399, and how the pay works. I've heard the pay isn't good until you're done with the apprenticeship, but how low are we talking? What is the pay after the apprenticeship? Thanks.

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    You might want to quit smokin trees if you're serious about an apprenticeship. I believe Union apprenticeship is usually 5 years.

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    Haven't smoked any trees in 6 months haha and I think the apprenticeship is shorter hence why the pay is pretty low.

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    Chicago? Don't more people get shot there than anywhere else in the country? Maybe you won't have to worry about how long the apprenticeship is (?).

    Maybe now that you don't smoke trees, you could consider a safer part of the country.

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