So my question is: Are there any other folks out there or forums that talk a little about "teaching" this trade?
Still a Newby, Still figuring my way around this GREAT site. Been in the trade 33 years and just took on a part time night job teaching.
Thinking it may be my "ticket" to be able to retire from the tools in a few years. We'll see. I just spend the better part of two days dreaming up the final exam for this class I'm teaching now "Commercial hvac" and finally putting it away on my vacation day (mistake) all ready to review on Monday for a Halloween night final. What I figure with this "small" mind of mine, is that I can certainly get some clever ideas from others on how to demonstrate or teach different things. What do you say? Anyone else out there entertaining a class room of prospective apprentices? Thanks!!! Mark

My next challenge is to get the needed "status" on this site so I can even be invited to other forums. I think it's a matter of posting enough and looking somewhat intelligent to those in charge. I won't have any trouble with the first requirement, but the second one, ....... a..... I don't know. We'll see.... I'm not afraid to admit that I can certainly learn much more. That's for sure.