Good morning.

Background: We moved into our house 3 years ago. It had an existing open loop geo installed, but it was failing and old. We replaced it with a Climate Master Tranquility 27 and kept it as an open loop system. The last 3 years, when the weather switches from warm to cold (and subsequently AC to heat on the geo), we receive an error 40 on the panel. Error 40 apparently means insufficient water flow. Service calls in the past remedied the issue and then error 40 never shows up again, for the entire winter!

Current day: Our system again shows error 40 and will not function (the compressor is held back from powering up). Our contractor was out twice testing the compressor. The first time, their lead tech says that it is definitely bad. Then, apparently the owner sent a second tech out a couple days later because if he was incorrect and did a warranty claim against a good compressor, he would have to eat the cost (I surely understand that!).

While the second tech was out, he was running the water as it comes out of our well and before it hits the geo. It ran for several minutes with tons of volume (well beyond 8 gpm). He stopped the test. He then tinkered a bit, and then ran the water again and we saw a lot of sediment coming out of the hose (I mean brown). But after a minute, it dissipated and the water was clear again. Note, the volume of water never changed; it was still screaming out of the hose the entire time.

I do not have water issues in this house. It's a very wet piece of property and if our well was running dry or with issues, I would see a lot of sediment in my house filters (the filters are not between the water source and the geo). They have the normal collection, but nothing of the nature in which we saw coming out during the test.

Problem: Now the contractor is saying that my compressor is fine and that my open loop is bad. I struggle to believe this, but not because of the cost. The logic doesn't make a lot of sense to me. When a call is made for heat, the geo runs through it's warm up and it fails with error 40 within 2 minutes of running. I have a large pressure tank and in 2 minutes, even if the system was at a full 8gpm, I don't believe the tank will have emptied and forced the well pump to come on. I do hear that it is possible to make sediment come out of any well if you do a certain number of steps (I am not suggesting at all that they did this on purpose).

There are 2 electronic valves controlling the flow of water (each does 4gpm). Are there sensors on these valves or within the system? How does it think that there is not enough water? Is there a lessor part such as a sensor that could be faulty? I truly believe that it is getting enough flow and there has been an inherent problem since the beginning that has not been resolved.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated. It's starting to get cold here.