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    BACnet Scheduler

    Anyone know of an application that will allow Outlook, Yahoo Calender or Google Calender to edit and set BACnet schedules automatically?

    kontrol out
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    That would be a great application. Not sure about setting the standard weekly schedule through it but I could see exceptions and calander events being integrated quite well.
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    Bacnet Scheduler

    I made a Visual Basic application that connects to an Exchange server.
    Basically convert Outlook schedules to Bacnet Schedules..
    Sold it to a costumer that used it to book meeting rooms. Have been working steady for 2 years now.

    Testes with following equipment:
    Outlook 2003
    Outlook 2010

    Honeywell XL1000 (or XL Web) Or even Centraline Falcon
    Saia PDC 3
    Jace 2xx and 6xx ver 3.5xx

    Interested ? send me a mail..

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    Hello kg9316,
    your application sound great. I would like to try it. Unfortunately I was not able to send a mail to you, because I am not allowed to view your profile.
    Could you send me your application or give me a download link?
    Thank you,

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