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    inspection camera

    Does anyone have advice for purchasing a camera?

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    Don't lol, there ok, I use mine once in awhile. I thought it would be great but they just aren't easy to see anything with, like cracked HX or something. Just my opinion and maybe there are better than the Milwaukee I have.

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    Johnstones has the Rigid on sale this month for $99. I have it, it seems pretty solid so far. Just wish it had a detachable screen to make somethings easier. But for the price, tough to beat.

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    I have a whistler from home depot and works great.
    Has about a 4.5 inch color screen,
    3 foot long... Hose, or whatever ya wanna call it,
    Detachable screen which you can plug into a TV
    You can spend more on 1 that records to an SD card
    Dimmer on the screen
    Adjustable light brightness for camera...
    No complaints.
    Great for spotting cracks around rivets.

    Though, obviously not ideal for all scenarios

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    I have a ridgid camera i purchased a few years ago. I dont know if they make mine anymore the screen is analog so its a little fuzzy compared to the new digital ones. I like it a lot its been very reliable and very helpful at times.

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