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    Smile heating systems options

    Hi, new member and Thanks in advance for any advice/info. We are considering replacing the heating system (oil hot air) in our 25 yo home. It is a log cabin, 40x25 ft. Open floor plan, cathedral ceilings. It is not particularly airtight. Location is upstate NY. Winter temps can reach -15 for short periods but usually run closer to the teens in Jan and Feb. We have never had an official evaluation so I cannot give exact energy requirements. We have used a wood stove in the past for supplemental heat but this practice will probably be curtailed due to our ages. We do not use A/C.

    One option considered is a heat pump. My research indicates an air to air system will not be enough with our low temps and supplemental electric would be necessary. I have read mini splits are more efficient than ducted systems and are adequate in colder temps. I know you cannot advise me on the specifics of my situation, but are Mini splits adequate in cold temps?

    Another consideration is a ground to air system. Probably horizontal, closed system. Are they much superior to mini splits in efficiency? The expense is greater. Any other pros or cons for this system?

    Enough for now.

    Thanks again.

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    The geothermal system will be by far the most expensive and may not be worth it but you would need to call a pro in your area to find out how feasible it is. With -15 temperatures geothermal can save a lot of money real fast. How much do you currently spend per year on oil, how much are you paying per gallon of oil and how much are your electric rates. With that information we can usually tell you a guesstimated savings using another heating system.
    The mini splits are great such as the Mitsubishi FE-12/FE-18 with hyper heat module. You could always add one or two of these to supplement the oil. The FE12 system provides 12K BTU's of capacity down to an outside temperature of 5 degrees, anytime you get below the temperature that the mini splits can heat you use the oil as a backup.
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