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Your still low. Like already pointed out you should have a good sized receiver. If its warm out your glass will fill but receiver will be empty so when headmaster starts throttling all your liquid gets stacked in cond coil and glass will start flashing. You can, and I would pull the charge and weigh it back in. Or keep guessing at it and give yourself grey hair. That's where mine came from.
This looks like my answer. My receiver is the size of the refrigerant tank. There's not enough info on the condensing unit to get an accurate manufacturer - and the charge amount was written in sharpie, so it's not the first time its been serviced. For all I know, the 33lb could be low. It has a headmaster, and the rooftop temp at the time was 72. I wish I could've gotten the head pressure, but by then the guy had pulled the hi side off and was charging low side. Yeah, I shoulda put a high side gauge on and confirmed pressures, but by then we were wrapping up. Anyways, today I called and they told me the unit was still down in temp, but one these days I'm gonna go back and double check everything.

Lesson learned - do your own follow ups, and if you can't, make sure the guy following up is doing it right.