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    hi all im going to change the planatary on a 802 any advice? iv change them on the 200 and 300 but never on a 802, thank u all

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    Frist drain the oil out of the planatery & then remove the crome ring on the outside. Then in the middle of the planatery you will find a cap that looks like a nut remove it, and behind that is where you will find another nut it will be different than the frist one .Look very carefull and you will see a piece that you will need to fold down from the spanner nut with a small scewdriver it locks the nut in place. Then look very very hard in the middle of the nut you will see a small screw that you will need a allen wrench to remove it.Then you can remove the planatry.
    Going back in whach out for the oil pump going back in,that is the little fiber gear.Be carefull,Then refill with 90/140 gear oil.Fill untill a little comes back out of the hole on the side of the planatery.

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    hey koolmac1 , thanks so much for info , question, thers a plug on under the cover ,sort of like the drain plug of a car , im wondering is there where the oil drops into? and the part i have to replace is the agitator shaft, worn out due to bad bowl pins.

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