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    Possible house purchase. Furnace thoughts??

    Hey guys,

    I haven't been on here in quite a while but you guys were great helping me out with my AC issues a few years back. I am thinking of moving from my condo to a house. Issue is I want to stay in the city. So only houses really available are very old houses that have been updated.
    Looking at a 100 year old Victorian. It has had all new Pella windows installed, and new furnace in 2007. House has hot air heat with floor vents. The house has a full basement but a new kitchen addition with crawl space. I attached a pic of the furnace and the duct work under the crawl space. Anything look strange? I always hated the idea of flex HVAC just inches away from the ground but I see it is done in the South quite a lot. The furnace looks very small for a 2k sqft home but probably just because it is newer. I see a condensate pump so I assume it's a condensing furnace but really not sure. Looks like the company is called Conquest. I never heard of it. Thoughts?

    Basically I just want to know if you see anything strange in the pics. Also, I have to have central AC. I assume any hot air heating system can have AC added. No? I realize AC with floor vents isn't ideal, but anything else I should be concerned with? Thanks for the help!!
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