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    starting out Hvac

    I just want to say this is my first time on this site and think it is cool to get advise when you need it. I went a two College and I took up Hvac However, I study got my EPA on my own license. But I feel my school did not give me a lot of hands on training. should I try a school like Apex or should just join a union? What should do I don't want to join this school and get know where.

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    I think a test is an excellent idea! some guys don't test well but are very good techs. Even those guys should know how to define superheat.

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    test are not accurate on some tech's, I have seen a tech score 98 on a very complex test,but he could not tell you how to hook up a set of gauges. Some techs do not test very well and are top notch in their field.

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    right, here! in the heartland of the homeland!

    ive taken alot of test

    for employment!
    and everyone i passed except for two that i can remember
    and both them companies folded,
    maybe i shouldve made a test for them?
    alot of guys can wiz a test and can make it click upstairs or on paper but getting that info to the hands
    is a whole different ballgame!
    all the wiz' in school aren out in the field or in the trade
    couldnt qualify hands on!
    only seen two guys out there out of my whole class, and both were higher grade averages than me, and i out class them in the field,,or trade!
    i must be lucky or skilled?
    maybe i should take the reses, or an accet course, or now days a nate test?
    you can apply these same principles to this too!
    theres some value, and i forgot more than i should have!
    but im still good, cause i got rules of thumbs and founding principles, that are born to last
    there should be some hands on testing , put a problem in a unit, several, and from simple to intermittent, to sublime
    then let that be your hiring guide, nate-fate

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    I have interview for ac tech what kind they can ask questions please any one help me or e mail me at

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuntryder View Post
    I myself have not taken the lic test.I need to take the 150hr elect code class.I just have not had the time.However this year I am making time to get all this done.Can anyone recommend a school to take the course?Im in the north shore area.
    Wentworth in Boston. I took all 300 hours of electrical code. Even as a Hvac/r technician/wannabe you will benefit immensely. Forget about Peterson. And yes, I know this thread is 3 years old.

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    Whow! A 3yr old thread raised from the dead!

    Since it's alive, how has the OP been making out with his new job?

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    Peterson sucks! They are a cash cow..........don't care anything about their students and merely push them through to get another class in. The instructor was the worst I have ever seen. He knew his topic, but couldn't teach and it and had no patience for the students in the class.

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    Is cheating ok

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