Hello HVAC experts. I am the least handy guy ever and am in need of a new gas boiler for my house. I have large hot water rads. The house is roughly 2000 square feet and was built in the 1930’s. It has 3 floors.

I’ve had several quotes over the last week and the costs and (incl. instillation) they all in the same ballpark, yet I find it very difficult to tell the difference between the brands of boilers being offered to me. The internet is full of corporate propaganda, telling me how great each product is, but I feel like I need some un-biased professional opinion. So here I am.

These are the boilers (High Efficiency on top, low on the bottom) I’m being sold on. I would be very grateful if any of you pros could weigh in on the quality of these products, as I live in Canada and it’s getting cold!

• New York Thermal Trinity tft 110 96%AFUE
• Prestige Solo 110 water boiler from Triangle Tube.
• Visseman Vitodens WB1B35

• Slant fin is the VHS120 120,000 btu
• Weil Mclain is CGI -5PIN 133,000 btu.
• Olsen OSVB Boiler

Will I really stand to save that much on monthly costs over the next 10-15 years if I go with a 95/96% rather than a mid-reange?

Other details…

I have drainage in the boiler room
Also a chimney that would need to be lined.
Have a tankless hot water system (Rinnai) that vents outside, so I don’t need a combo.
I also have fresh air venting into the room.

Thanks so much for your time. It is genuinely appreciated.