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    Exclamation Install help - Ecobee Smart Si on a fan coil system

    I bought an Eco Bee Smart Si Thermostat. The system is an AE -Air fan coil running on the building's cold and hot water loops. The only control I have in the system is opening and closing the actuator vales for the hot or cold loops and running the fan. See the system:

    The old thermostat had 5 wires. R/C/W/Y/G, I wired them accordingly to the smart si thermostat. See the wiring digram of how things are wired now that I drew.

    The problem I am having is I can not get the system work work properly. Do I call this a heat pump in the thermostat settings? If I do then I can get the cold system working, but not the hot. If I call it a furnance I can get the hot system working but not the cold. Have I made a mistake on the wiring, or is there a setting in the thermostat that is wrong? It seems to me this should be a very simple system. There are two valves and a fan, nothing more.

    Any help is appreciated in setting this up.

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    No DIY on this site. Call a pro to get it set up properly. Dependent on what type of control voltage you are working with the ecobee stat may not work for that application.

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    The Transformer is 24V. If it makes you feel better the install was done by my brother who is a tin basher. He just doesn't know the product very well and he was just in town for an hour.

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    A tech should be able to get it going if its 24v. We aren't allowed to get into specifics with Homeowners on this site

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    You don't have the configuration settings correct. Keep reading them.
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    I've started an album of chart screenshots from my Ecobee portal. Look what can be learned by tracking how a home and it's equipment interact with each other and the environment.

    This thing tracks indoor, outdoor temps, run time, and RH.

    Each vertical red line represents up to 5 minutes of run time.
    Green line is indoor temp
    Black is outdoor temp.
    Dotted red is set temp

    Really interesting to see cycle time and impact.

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    Which makes more sense to you?
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