Firstly, thank you in advance to any pro who takes the time to read and respond.

I am in charge of making sure the hvac system is taken care of at my building. We recently had a tech come as part of our routine maintenance schedule and he found issues with one of our rooftop units. The following is a description of the problem and the methods that will be employed to rectify the situation.

"The technician found a plugged orifice in the evaporator coil of Circuit No. 1. Due to the fixed orifice being plugged we are not getting proper flow through the evaporator coil which raised the temperature of the gas. The gas is what is used to cool the compressors and due to the raised temperatures of the gas, the compressors are not able to generate cooling from Circuit No. 1. In order to correct the situation we recommend installing a thermal expansion valve (TXV) upgrade kit, new drier and filter in the liquid line. This will properly meter the liquid refrigerant into the evaporator and allow for optimal operation of the compressor on Circuit No. 1. In order to install the TXV, the refrigerant needs to be evacuated, stored and then the unit recharged once the valve is installed. "

My question is, what would a reasonable quote be to complete this job? The quote received from the company seemed on the high side and I wanted to get a better grip on what the job entails before accepting the quote. And yes, I understand that hourly rates vary depending on where one is (currently in the North East USA). But a ballpark would get me close enough.

Again, thank you.