I get a call that its not heating. It has a tag on the back stating "Wired for 208 Volts", but no where am I getting 208V only 120v. I called CresCor tech support since I didnt have any tech info/wiring on this unit and he seemed confused that the unit had a 120v/15a plug but was wired for 208v. Not having much experience with these units, Im assuming that theyre wired in such a way that they get the other leg for the 208 thru the thermostat, is that correct? If not, this is what Ive found:
120v to G @ 6wire to element
0v across high limit
0v across element
0v @ #3 wire to element to ground
0v across tstat
120v on each leg to ground on tstat.
0v on #5 and 120v @4 to ground.
Element checks good
Limit checks good