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    RHEEM Gas furnace Honeywell controller C wire question ...

    After seeing all the exciting forum posts about wireless thermostats, I finally bought a Honeywell thermostat . I have a 2006 model RHEEM gas furnace with air conditioning unit connected to a 3 Zone Honeywell EMM-3 controller board with 3 programmable thermostats. Four wires from Rheem furnace board go into the Honeywell. When I opened the Honeywell EMM-3, it has only input for the 4 wires excluding the BLUE. But the 3 Zone outputs at the bottom of the controller has a place for C wire in all the zones.

    My question is, if I just plug in the blue wire on to the EMM-3 and connect the other end to the Honeywell thermostat, will it work? If so, how come the EMM-3 zone controller provides output for C with out getting any input from the furnace? How do I check before connecting anything to it? I do have a multi meter. Any comment from the experienced forum members would be very helpful. I have attached the zone controller picture down below. Input from furnace is on top left and the 3 Zone outputs are at the bottom. Thanks for all the help.

    RHEEM furnace --4 wires --> Honeywell EMM-3 --> 4 wires to thermostat (Blue wire in the bundle is just rolled up in all the places)
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    We can't give you the answer you're looking for. We're not allowed to give DIY info.
    Honeywell support should be able to get it all straitened out for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rajmylis View Post
    how come the EMM-3 zone controller provides output for C with out getting any input from the furnace?.
    It's getting input, look around a little harder.
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