Please ignore my lack of ability to follow instructions. I've been posting nearly every where but here and I "fat fingered" the post I started 30 minutes ago and lost it forever. Heck I'm 55, so typing on a smart phone is beyond my scope of talents. Right!? I didn't plan on being in hvac when growing up. In fact I was a college boy who had to quit for a short time to make some money. (I blame it on a girl) to make a long story short I applied to the unions apprenticeship program and 33I years later I'm working hvac and recently decided to teach a couple nights a week teaching hvac at a college. Thinking perhaps in the next few years I can hang up the tools and retire where Im working and I continue tea hung part or full time. After working service for a few years taking care of the comer island around where I live I decided to apply at a local aerospace e plant taking care of there equipment which includes around 300a buildings with an extreme variety of different hvac and refrigeration "stuff". I like the variety and the challenge. I've been here going on 28the years now and always learning more all the time. I'll be end here and pi k up later. Hopefully Ills get a rely from on e of you so I can find this site again and not get lost in no mans land where I've been hanging out. I'd like to get the required posts in to move on to they next level. Kind of like Rhode. Imputed games I can't seem to get past "beginner" and I'm feeling embarrassed. As all my kids are to level 10down and beyond. Later, Mark sorry about all the mistakes. Still fat fingering