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    I'm interested in upgrading my wood burning fireplace to be ignited by natural gas and then shut off once the wood is on fire. I've heard this product does exist, but can't find it on the net. There already is a pipe comeing up from the basement; it is capped in the fireplace and is not connected to anything in the basement. I did manage to find a starter pipe on ebay - Can i use this product or do i need something different? As for the valve, i did see a nice brass one with a key but i want an electric one. can i use this one and put it in the basement? - And as for the ignition source for the gas i'm totally stuck. I would like an electric spark to fire rapidly for a few seconds and then shut off, but I'm not sure how well that would work with all the ashes. Would an electricly started pilot light be better, or some sort of device that gets hot when a current is ran through it(i.e. glow plug, but please do not suggest that i canibalize something from a diesel engine I have a few ideas on how to wire this system and have it fully automated via remote control, but i want to hear your feedback on the rest of the system before i get into that.

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    Cool Sorry buddy

    Electronic ignition and wood burning do not go together.
    If the ashes don't get you, the temperatures will.
    Install a log lighter and invest in a nice long handled bic lighter.
    Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

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    Is the burner gonna be a b**** to clean?

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    There are two of the log lighters I have seen in use around here

    Make sure you have Key shutoff valve within 6ft of the fireplace. At least the code is 6ft here, check with your AHJ for local codes.

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    If you are looking for this type of automation out of your current wood burning fireplace I suggest purchasing a Direct Vent gas insert.

    Listen to Collin and tp10181.

    Any thing can be done, I think your opening a can.

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    Cool DIY fireplaces?

    If it is such a good idea making your own Fp, don't you think the mfrs. would have done it already?

    I can assure you someone gas tried this before and it went over like a pregnant pole vaulter.

    Even with gas log lighters, you run the risk of blowing up your home because there is no safety pilot. Any kid could turn on the gas and leave it on until it found a source of ignition.

    Just say NO!

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