I am considering 2 slightly different Carrier Infinity systems. They are as follows:
Size/Brand: 3 ton/ Carrier Infinity
Model: 25HNB936A003/ FE4ANF003
SEER: 18

Size/Brand: 3 ton/ Carrier Infinity
Model: 25HNB936A003/FE4ANB006
SEER: 19

The Infinity 25HNB936A003 is listed as a 19 SEER, yet the contractor list it as 18 SEER when using the FE4ANF003
air handler, but 19 SEER when using the FE4ANB006 air handler.

The home is 6 yrs old, 1600 sq. ft, located in Edgewater, FL. FPL give at $880 rebate on 18 SEER, while a 19 SEER has a $1005 rebate.

The 19 SEER system is $375 more after the higher rebate.

Is it worth the extra money? Is the SEER values correct? If the FE4ANB006 air handler a benefit or actually too much CFM? Any insight, advise, comments?