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    I have had my X3 set for about 3 years. I have had no issues with warranty claims. The big thing is you need to register everything right away. Including when you get replacement tools. I have replaced my batteries 3 times and replaced my portable light twice. The batteries are weak compared to others and a bit heavy. The hammer drill, impact, sawzall and circular saw are pretty good. I find Ridgid cordless tools are middle of the road. Its the lifetime warranty that sets it apart from others.

    I am a service tech so I rarely use my power tools. Back when I was on installs I preferred Milwaukee and Makita. I believe Milwaukee has a 5 year warranty excluding batteries. Makita replacement parts are cheap. All other brands seem to have a much larger selection of other tools and accessories. I hope this helps.

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    dewalt,makita or milwaukee. either one you choose you should be happy but getting a brand and going all in is the way to go that way your batteries will work with all your tools. just easier for me that way. i use all milwaukee and love them. if something happened i would consider makita but those would be the only two brands for me.

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    DeWalt stuff is made in Mexico. Everything else out there is chinee. Mexico is bad, but not as bad as China, IMO. When I find something that is still made here in the US, I will gladly pay for it.
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    I sent two of my replacement batteries to a place in Topeka. Got a new set about a week later. I guess the guy at Home Depot that told me the replacement batteries where not going to be replace was full of crap.
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    we bought the ridged. dont like it were the light is, it is on the battery not around the collar.

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