Hey guys I started a new job and it seems Ill be doing a fair share of install work. I have done some install work before but never had to have the tools as I was more of a service guy helping an installer. I have the tools but never really invested alot of money into anything big like cordless tools. I have bought cordless 12v lithium ion craftsman drill and impact gun for service and home use which is fine and even does good with the installs screwing round pipe together and what not. The place I work for is using the 18v lithium rigid stuff. I was thinking it wouldnt be a bad idea to get what the other guys carried to be able to share and what not. I had heard also that rigid has an awsome warranty on there equipment.

Anyway Im looking to get into some cordless stuff is rigid a good way to go or is there something better out there that will outlast there stuff?