A large property I help maintain, had a wood pellet based heating system installed nearly a year ago. In that time there have been many visits by the installers to rectify various problems. There are some slightly odd things about the installation, and it would be helpful to have a second, third, etc, opinion as to whether these are normal teething troubles, or if there is something fundamentally wrong with either the equipment or the way it has been installed.

The system is controlled by an external thermostat, which has been installed on the north wall, behind a drainpipe. This is probably the coldest and dampest place on the exterior of the building. The system seems to run slightly hot. Is this standard/best practice for installing the external thermostat? Should there be interior thermostats?

The large circular firebrick on top of the firebox has cracked, and stated to disintegrate, and a chunk has now fallen off. There is a chance that this problem with cracking began to occur during transit/ original installation, but I do not think this is the case. Is this a typical problem with pellet based boilers? What else could cause this?

Thanks in advance for your comments.


John Orme