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    Rooftop HVAC Ducting

    I am a CA homeowner who has (had) a great western view from my living room and balcony. The neighbors immediately to the west and downslope from me have just installed an HVAC system on their roof. The home was designed with radiant heat and they had no existing ductwork in the home. Putting it on the roof was their best financial solution. What could be done to screen this mess from our view. We are above and looking down on this octopus from about a 20 degree angle. Thanks for your suggestions!

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    Close the curtains or move.

    Sorry! Not very helpful I know....

    I think the best thing I could suggest is to: Don't let it bother you..... If you aren't careful it will start eating you alive and you'll just be miserable and before you know it you'll get upset, kick the dog, fight with the wife and then it's all down hill from there. So.... without trying to upset you, my advice would be to just do like the old Pink Floyd song suggests: "deal with it"

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