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    Inspector and business owner at the same time.

    Just wanted to get some of everybodys perspective on an issue I am having. I have been in this trade for only a couple of years now so my experience is quite limited. The company I am with is in the process of installing a geo thermal system in a house and the local inspector is also a local plumping/heating business owner. I myself think that this is a huge conflict of interest. How can one inspect their own work and be un-biased at the same time?

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    not sure where you're at but around here an inspector cannot do any work in the town he inspects for.

    at least that's how it used to be, many of the inspectors today are older guys just doing it part time.

    funny how you get an inspector who busts your stones when you know what a hack he was as a contractor.......

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    It is a conflict of interest if he could in anyway be considered a competitor including practicing in the same jurisdiction.

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