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    a train chiller ECVGE 50 faced a case of oil disappearance in the oil tank sight glass ,the system goes off.If there is no problem in the distallation line,any ideas about the causes for oil to non return to the oil tank would be greatly appreciated .

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    Several things you can look at, on the machine- check your oil filter, regulate your oil pressure 18-22 net, look at sump temp 150 degrees ,check and make sure your oil return (scavenger line) is open this line runs from 1st suction cover back to oil sump, check eductor, could be a problem w/ the oil pump- look @ pump, manually load the machine up watch oil level 1/4 top site glass (roughly). Check your chilled/condenser water see what temps your condenser h2o try to maintain 75 degrees regulate tower by-pass (or what method you have) see if you have any load on the bldg. Worst case scenario you could have some oil seals out of alignment causing oil not return to the sump, that would require the machine to be overhauled. Hope this helps.
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    Check eductor

    Never under estimate the fact that the eductor can fail.
    You could also temporarily install a tee before the eductor & run a line or service hose down to the bottom of the cooler & see if you get some oil back.
    If you do you may need to run a line permenantly.
    I would replace the eductor & add a sight glass to each scavenger line & a valve to balance them.
    I wouldn't run the tower water up too much because that will drasticly comprimise the efficiency of the machine.
    Oil loss problems can be tricky, sometimes you can do things to avoid a teardown.

    Good luck.
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    Proper refrigerant charge is very important for oil return.

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    check the vent line solonoid

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    nytrane is right check the vent line solonoid and timer first then check the evap eductor shut off valve the pick up screen may be plugged at the evap end

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