Good morning to everyone.
Last week I had to go to a remote rural area in order to inspect some new equipment which is to be installed in a refrigerated wharehouse. One of the equipments is a large air cooled vertical discharge remote condenser which is about eight feet wide by 23 feet long. It has 10 fans and weights nearly 5000 pounds. I was surprised to discover that this condenser was shipped on a wooden platform standing on one of its sides. The supporting legs were not installed but inside another box. We were able to pull the platform out of the container with a tractor, and laid it down on a flat surface. My question is: is there any standard procedure for turning this size of a condenser 90 degrees in order to have the fans pointing upwards? To complicate things, there is no way to rent a forklift or a mobile crane in this area, so the job has to be done manually. Any advice welcomed.