Current thermostat is a White-Rodgers 1F94-71

New to us house. Heat pump is old..dont remember exact age. Its a Trane 1.5 tonne

We had high heat bills last winter, but we think the emergency heat (or AUX) came and we didnt really know. We live a little north of Dayton.

The current issue is the AUX light comes on, which is the emergency heat strips in the ex changer. The temp in the house was 62, I had the hold heat temp at 68. After a few minutes, the heat strips kicked on (could tell by the aux light and the smell.)

So I read the manual..and wow, a bit hard to understand. So I start playing with settings, the "heat anticipation" level in particular. I move it from a factory setting of 4 to 18 and I think that stopped the AUX heat from coming on.

My questions, from reading the manual again, as I understand it, the heat anticipation setting should not have affected the system the way it did. There is not a clear explination in the manual of how to control when the AUX or the Emergency heating kicks in. Seems silly that the house at 62 degrees trying to get to 68 should require the AUX heat to kick on.

So, I want to buy a new thermostat..particularly a more simple one.

Any recommendations?