Any follow up to this post? Had a prospect ask me to quote retro fitting an old mcquay centr chiller to 3 turbo cores....I said no way! not us....... I would rather see you invest in a new chiller or repair the existing one before investing that much on a retro fit. Heard that poor power can also scramble these manchines.

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I spent two months evaluating three or four competing brands sold in SC. I, along with other managers at our facility visited 4 -5 sites sites looking at different "brands": I also saw a multistack turbocore and smardt turbocore at different locations in Charlotte, NC, and talked to an hvac supervisor in charge at The Florence detention center using 1 1/2 year old turbocore.

Most had NO serious problems. At one site problems were fixed with software upgrades. Another site had "dirty" water towers and had industrial grade water prefilters added after the installation. One had to tighten a pressure gauge fitting to stop a leak.

Another had a welder fasten a ground rod in the wrong place and take out the electronics.

Our group saw nothing that scared us about the turbocores. The Austrailians are using them. They are being installed across the country. One of the ones in Charlotte was manufactured in Montreal Canada.

We will install 750 tons of cooling at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine starting this winter after the dust settles from the bidding, and the winner is announced. We will be using factory authorized installers.