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    OK, I have retrofitted many dozens of these compressors. I have changed and or field repaired at least 60% of them. I have done startup on some 175ton Turbocor factory mounted chillers. Some of these even failed. I believe in these machines and think they will be bug free someday, but I think they have much to improve on. They've improved a great deal in the past year. Has anyone else seen problems with these on the same scale as I? Please explain if you can.

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    Question What are the failures?

    I see more of these coming my way. Went to the McQuay WMC school in August.
    God Bless our Veterans

    God Bless the USA

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    They factory mounted ones were not on McQuay. One of them failed 1.5hrs after startup on chiller control(the turbocors internal control). Was running perfect and out of the blue KU-BOOM! I've only had 2 KU-BOOM on me. THe others had many different electronic failures. Condensation probrem seems to out number all other problems. I might add that most of them were installed in air cooled chillers. They were under a lot of stress.

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    Originally posted by J3hall
    these factory mounted ones are they on McQuay machines or other manufactures

    more then likely there on multistacks and other units , since they had a hard time on the controls

    McQuay on the other hand spent millions and years developing the controls for the chiller and compressor of these units.

    Again you have to remebmer this is a compressor , and nothing else other then that, becasue there will be faluires , even the McQuay ones have faliures, we have had two out of the 30+ that we have installed and sold so that avarage isnt bad.

    But if your replacing that many why ***** about its just more money and work for you
    Just for your future sales information the turbocor compressor is more then "just a compressor" Turborcor compressor contains the Drive unit and a full control module that doesn't need the McQuay or anybody else's controls to operate. The compressor can control a chiller on its own.
    The McQuay controls are just a fancy Operator interface, and incase of a failure with the right EXV board and some wiring
    changes ( EXV, flows switches, stop/start ) the turbocor could be configured ( internal software )to operate without the MicroTech 2 control panel. only problem is you might void the warranty from McQuay.

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    In my experience the failure rate is around 80% with several going Kaboom! not one was due to the controls that were controlling the chiller. Most were caused but the electronics on the compressor as well as the igv falling apart. I have worked on at least 100 of them from several diferent mfg's . I hope they can fix all the problems because when they run they run great.

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    OK, Its not just bad luck on my part. Others are having the same probs. When talking to Turbocor they will not admit to anything. They say "its the 1st time" or they want to point the finger and send some of there support people to check your work. After they've been there to evaluate they assure us it will not happen again and send a replacement.

    We were told by Turbocor that the 134a tt-300 will be just fine on air cooled retro. Said they had many in Austrialla working flawlessly. They help engineer the retrofit.

    I have replaced just about every component on these. Invertor( which is a mofo), capacitors, dc-dc converters, soft starts, serial drivers, BMCC's, PWMs, feedthroughs, and backplanes.

    I just wanted to know the truth about these. I am tierd of the bull****!! Now I know!!

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    mcquay spent several million dollars on research on these compressors and controls? why can't they spend a few extra dollars on the interior of their equipment so it does not look like bubba with a welder, some galvenized 1/8" steel and threaded rod built in his shed.

    i went to their chiller class about 6 years back which included a tour of the "factory" everyone there looked like they were miserable and where hating life. quality control was lacking big time

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    I heard the turbo cors are very sensitive to vibration and must be isolated. this makes cents due to the electronics in them. We haven't used one yet but I'm dying to. with all of the energy concern going around I belive this technology is here to stay we cant wait on a power grid that has had no improvements in 30 yrs to get upgraded and no one wants a tower or power plant in their backyard so get ready here we go.

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    I am sure if FAGAN installed 30 of them, not one would fail!

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    We have had several sensors leaking and control board failures in the last year....
    Is this common?

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    Not had any leaks. Control boards yes. Version G7 has beafed up electronics.

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    We have designed an installation using the MultiStack.
    Any special thoughts other than prayer?

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    The thread you drummed up is like 14 months old. Any type of Multi Crap needs a prayer, turbo core or recip.
    Quote Originally Posted by PaulFaust View Post
    We have designed an installation using the MultiStack.
    Any special thoughts other than prayer?
    Not much to say, just hanging in my shade tree!!!!

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