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    condensor aluminum metal fins bent

    Can I ask about the condensor on my refrigerator? It is a 17 y.o. subzero with the condensor on top. I was told that i should vacuum it with the brush attachment to remove dust. I'm guessing it hadn't been done in a 5+ years. When finished there are several areas where the fine aluminum fins--all spaced 1/5th of an inch apart --where bent to the side a bit. Not super bad but obvious. Perhaps 10% surface area. It was dusty and i didn't pay much attention, so i'm not sure it was there before i started.

    Should i not bother in the future, and just let the dust collect? Do you think there was much harm done? Is there an easier way?


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    I'd call a quality service company who will sell you maintenance contract whereby they clean these coils on a regular basis. Yes, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis! A few bents fins won't hurt performance nearly as much as dirty condenser coils will!

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    some bent fins won't hurt things but dirt will, a vacuum will not get dirt from between fins.

    i use low pressure compressed air on mine, run the vacuum to catch airborne dust while blowing out coil.

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