Having a problem with copeland tandem scroll compressors. The compressors are over amping and tripping breakers in machine. They will run but the amps at startup are 100 + then fall back to 60 amps then gradually climb to over 100 amps before tripping breakers. Checked subcooling and superheat. 12 degrees SC & 17 degrees SH. The compressors also sound like theyre binding up inside sometimes. The oil color is light gray. Plan on having oil analysis performed. This is the second set of compressors replaced on a just installed new 60 ton Mcquay air cooled condensing unit. The 2nd circuit of compressors on the machine have no problems. We removed 2 o6e compressors and water cooled condensers and a cooling tower. This was a retrofit from R-22 to R407C. We drilled holes at the bottom of the refrigerant traps located at the air handler and tried blowing out and residual mineral oil. Checked txv's and they are labeled for R407c or R-22. Hooked up nitro during brazing. When we had the first set of compressors doing the samething we turned to our local reps service dept for answers. We never got any feedback and were given new replacment compressors. Hoping we can save these!