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    Smile Calling any Thermostat experts STAT! :)

    HVAC experts -

    I would appeciate your help. New to this website and I think it's the most informative, honest hvac site on the net - bravo!

    After an 18 year old Lennox Pulse furnace didn't pass the heat exchanger pressure test (only held for 2 minutes instead of 10), it was recommended we replace our furnace. Since our a/c is also a Lennox and 18 yrs old, we decided to buy a new furnace and airconditioner.

    We have purchased a Bryant 987MA42080017 modulating 80,000 btus and a Bryant 126BNA036 16SEER A/C (3ton) In addition, we are getting a Honeywell Humidifier - True Ease. Waiting for installation in a few weeks. Price for the furnace is about $. Price for a/c is $. Price for humidifier is $.
    The company will include a basic thermostat for free - no bells and whistles.

    Question:It was recommended for us to get either a Honeywell Prestige 8000 or a Bryant Evolution thermostat.
    What are the differences?
    Which is better? Are there more problems with the techy ones than a simple basic one?
    Have there been any reports of problems with either one? Which stat do you like best?
    Would you recommend a different one than those two?

    We read online from the two websites and we can't figure out which way to go -
    super simple (free), Honeywell, or Bryant. Also, any idea what these stats should cost - still waiting for the bids on that.

    Thank you again. I have to choose the stat soon.
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