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    I have installed a 93+% eff that requires Pvc, condensate drain, etc. Here is my problem: There is an offset in the chimhey at the second floor making PVC unusable. Blowing a hole throungh the wall and chimney to make the connections is not possible either. What are other options. An AL29 stainless flexlines will be eaten to quick and wont pass code, are there flexible plastic liners? Thanks.

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    You should ask this question in the tech section

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    You can't run the pvc in the chimney if any other appliances are vented into the chimney. Why did you install the furnace before you determined where you were going to vent it?

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    Some models do approve Zflex AL29 venting like the Burnham revolution boiler. I don't think AL29 stainless has an issue with acidic condensate.

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