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Nice looking work!

I don't see the point to a boiler buddy with a mod/con boiler but that's me. Seems like a really expensive way to decouple primary/secondary loops. Why not just do closely spaced tee's and a spirovent in one of the loops? Cast iron non-condensing non-modulating boiler is a different story, short cycling is much more of a concern ...
It's complicated, put it this way my boss over kills everything, my guess is it won't modulate down far enuf for the smallest zone. The one thing I like about it is when I add antifreeze all I har to do is fill the buffer tank with 100% and I don't have to purge any air out if the loops which in most cases is a pain when you have antifreeze. The more you tell him one thing the more he does the other so questioning him is useless.

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