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Thread: Seer ratings

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    Is there a easy way to define the cost savings or efficiency difference between a 10 seer and a 13 seer, or 13 vs 15?

    Is a 13 seer 30% more efficient than a 10 seer?

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    That is a pretty easy 'rule of thumb.' But what you have to keep in mind when you look at the a/c seer ratings is how long to recoup your investment. In other words, if your annual cost for a/c for your home is say, $600 (over the course of the summer) and you currently have a 10 seer system, then a 30% difference in cost would amount to $180 over the course of the summer. (Don't forget to realize that ALL of your a/c electric bill is not just for the a/c.) If the difference in investment between a 10 seer and 13 seer is say, $360, based on the scenario above, it would take approximately 2 years to recoup the 'difference' between the 10 and 13 seer units. Sometimes the payback is not that quick, usually a little longer. What I strongly recommend is looking at the additional features associated with the higher seer unit, including but not limited to, added warranties and other features. All the best, John.

    your payback certainly depends on your cost of electrical in your area, and the example above is just for illustration purposes.
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    Try this to see what your savings will be;

    When going to higher SEER it often includes a Variable Speed indoor fan,which with the rught controls ,like Carrier Infinity,can dehumidify better then a standard fan.This benefit is priceless if you are in a humid climate,Comfort! and you can run it at a higher indoor temp., with the new found lower himidity.

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    ruud ac dot com backslash savings have your utility rates and degree days and it will answer your question
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