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    Walked past the owner's door last week and commented on a startup - you guys needs some help I says. This job I was on was blah blah, you get the picture. Two days later he calls me back in - fine I'm reassigning you. I now get to do construction finals and controls. Wholly Krapf!

    5 years of service calls with the company, the sole survivor of our original crew, crawled through kitchens working refrig. Chillers, pneumatics, big units & little ones. I was comfortable man, I was on top of it. Now this. So much to learn, so much.

    We got Tracers, VVT's, JCI's and a couple others on-going and I'm right smack in the middle of the frying pan now. On top of all that I gotta deal with GC's and their punch lists, spec sheets and change orders. What did I get myself into? Why couldnt I have just kept my mouth shut?

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    Any more money come with this "re-assignment"?

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