This comes in the mail to everybody in TX on food stamps. I know I'm a poo white boy, but think how many legal and illegal Mexicans are receiving them in Texas.

Let's have a look:

Notice block 8 on the first page - I have not been issued didly squat for I.D., but I want to vote anyway? So, that's OK huh?

Notice on the 2nd page - If you don't have a SS#, that's OK, you just need to state that fact?

Check out the penalty on the first page if you fill out the form falsely. You get 180 days and/or a $2000 fine. Wow, pretty scarry huh? I guess you don't even have to worry about getting deported back to Mexico.

A guy who got his DL in say the state of WA and then gets it transferred to the state of TX doesn't have anything to worry about. I wonder if anybody even checks the info submitted. I wonder if they just pop it into the computer, send you your registration card, and then you find out online where to go vote. Is this why TX just leans Romney instead of being solid Romney?