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Thread: The Silence

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    The Silence

    I have been wondering why we have heard or seen nothing from the Main Stream Media of whats happening in Palestine. Its not like Israel and Palestine have suddenly hugged each other and all is well.

    Yes I know were in the midst of two snake oil salesmen lying to us, and each other, and its important that the MSM makes it a "dancing with the stars" event, after all their ratings are not too good, because even the most uneducated are getting aware of the junk enertainment channels.

    Last time the media ignored a stupendous even, it ended up with poor souls going to concentation camps, and only a few comming back out.

    I have a bad feeling that years down the line, the events in Palestine will come to haunt us.

    A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.
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    I think the middle east is always in focus. Its just that the focal point shifts often. Syria is big right now. Egypt has now become more Islamic and that I'm sure pleases the Palastinians. But even bigger is Iran. And the Palestinians I'm sure are watching and as usual hoping that someone like Hezbelloh or Iran will take out Israel or at least diminsh them. Something is going to go down between Isreal and Iran and thats probably going to happen within the next six months IMO. I'm sure the Palestinians are watching with baited breath.

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