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S Wall 36'/Windows 48sqft/R15
N Wall 36'/Windows 66sqft/R22
E Wall 44'/Windows 30sqft/28' R22/16' R15
W Wall 44'/Windows 65sqft/28' R22/16' R15

Window Values
U Value-0.28
R Value 3.57
Ceiling of 1st floor over 2nd Floor R-30

I was in unbelief when I had the load calc performed.

My current AC is 2ton, 27 years old. I made it through this summer comfortable and it actually was leaking refrigerant.

The load calc also included my basement if that makes a difference.
Lol. "your 27 year old 2 ton works fine, so you really need a 4 ton because, well, my daughter needs braces"

44/14 split sounds suspicious. Intuition says heat load is high or cooling is low. Even 44/24 seems off, so maybe both are off. If you are getting a heat pump you'll be much happier with 2 stage given your apparent seasonal split.