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    I am in the process of having a new furnace put in. One contractor gave me a price on American Standard which he said is the same as TRANE, is this correct? Also I have a price from a contractor that handles Comfortmaker. Price was quite a bit lower than TRANE. They are both high efficient furnaces with 1 stage burner system both were prices for 100,000 BTU. Is Comfortmaker rated as high as TRANE? I have no heat right now, live in PA. and have to make a decision by Monday. I would appreciate any info you have. THANKS.

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    American Standard owns & makes trane. American standard is the highest rated furnace for reliabilty. they are built like a tank & have a great warranty. any oversized or improperly installed furnace will certainly be a piece of junk
    more important has a manual j load calculation been done to be sure your getting the right size furnace? is this an 80 or 90 % furnace ?
    Variable speed will offer better comfort & savings allso
    in pa i would think you have enough mild days that a 2 stage furnace would help
    go here & look for a customer care dealer in your area & get a few more consultations to be sure this is being done right
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    Only diff between A-S and Trane furnaces is the first letter of the model #.

    Both A-S/Trane and Comfortmaker have different lines so be sure you are comparing like products. Do you have model #s from both quotes? Pricing shouldn't vary that much so make sure the Comfortmaker dealer is doing the same work, such as thermostat, what metal work they are doing, chimney liner if a masonry chimney is involved.

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    Originally posted by captainrat
    American Standard owns & makes trane. American standard is the highest rated furnace for reliabilty.
    Now this is interesting. The only claim that AS is the highest rated for reliability is the Consumer Reports "survey", which CR states is not really accurate (look at the notes on the bottom of the survey.)

    Now; if, as CR survey states, American Standard has the highest rate of reliability, and yet the same report claims that Trane...THE SAME lower in reliability then Rheem...does that not completely contradict itself and prove that the CR survey is about as useless as breasts on a nun?
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    Thanks for the quick response. The quote I got on the Trane was for 80% efficiency, 2 stage and I am trying to decide about paying the extra $ for variable speed. I did get a quote for 90% eff. but have read that if house is insullated well and good windows then you can go with 80% instead of the 90%, is that correct? I don't run my AC unless it is unbearably hot and humid. Master b.r. is downstairs so in the winter when the upstairs bedrooms aren't being used, I close the vents. Do you think it is worth the extra $500 for the variable speed? I was just going to go with 1 stage burner but it does make sense to go with the 2 stage.
    I have decided not to consider the price for Comfortmaker as TRANE is rated much higher from comparisons I have done on the internet.

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    So, are you saying that Trane's equipment is not as good as Rheem? Gosh, I thought Trane, Lenox were the highest rated. Have been reading that Bryant is right under Trane and rated high too. Is that true?

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    I think you all have to keep something in mind here. As far as equipment and the manufacturer, mostly they are all the same. Only a hand full of companies make the controls, motors and safeties for a piece of equipment. The major components (heat exchangers on furnaces and coils on the AC/heat pump) are made by the manufacturer and have copy rights associated with them. On AC/Heat pumps the compressors are only made by 3 different manufacturers. For a piece of equipment, you are looking for warranties that the manufacturer provides and also the warranties that the company installing can offer. If you think about what I just said then failure on one is just as likely then the other. The reliability and performance of the unit depends on the installation and the proper sizing. The proper sizing means everything in a whole. Whether it be the unit itself, the duct work and the airflow it needs to operate properly. If any of these factors are not compliant then you WILL have issues. Take this into consideration, you have company A, who is a big corporation and has a contract with 3 big builders who is in the business to put out 5000 homes this year, and a company who did not size the units and duct according to specs. Then you have company B, the smaller company that is doing custom homes, fewer of them with a builder that is focused on quality as well as his wallet and reputation. Company A will have a higher failure rate because of that, and they both used the same equipment. We all over look this. When people complain it is usually derived from track homes and poor design. You don't hear about the guy that had no problems. Statistics are valuable but not always accurate.
    I have been dong heating and air conditioning for 20 years. I have my own business and I will say this. I give the customer what he wants because that is what I get paid to do. But I do inform the customer if I think his decision is not the best.

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