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    CresCor warming cabinet H137UA12C208

    I get a call that its not heating. It has a tag on the back stating "Wired for 208 Volts", but no where am I getting 208V only 120v. I called CresCor tech support since I didnt have any tech info/wiring on this unit and he seemed confused that the unit had a 120v/15a plug but was wired for 208v. Not having much experience with these units, Im assuming that theyre wired in such a way that they get the other leg for the 208 thru the thermostat, is that correct? If not, this is what Ive found:
    120v to G @ 6wire to element
    0v across high limit
    0v across element
    0v @ #3 wire to element to ground
    0v across tstat
    120v on each leg to ground on tstat.
    0v on #5 and 120v @4 to ground.
    Element checks good
    Limit checks good
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    Was the plug OEM or something that looked replaced? Reason I ask is I've run into situations where the unit should've been 208, but the customer decided that was the wrong plug since it wouldn't fit and put on a generic 120v plug.

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    This should be fairly easy to identify. Follow the cord to the terminal block and check your voltage from the cord. Now check your voltage at the outlet. They should be the same. If they are follow each leg forward until you find where the lost leg is. You will need to disconnect one leg at the power cord inlet so you don't get a false feedback from the good leg.

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