Does anyone know what this stuff really is? Has anyone used it or know anything about it? Had some sales guy from a competitor company try to sell my customer on replacing the refrigerant in their A/C Units with this stuff. Claims they can save 15-30% on energy savings by reduced amp draw on the compressor. Also claims that its a direct drop in replacement for R-22 and R-410A, no need to flush the system or change anything other than the refrigerant. They stated that they charge by superheat (I Suppose they are talking about a fixed metering device system.) When questioned about a TXV I guess the guy hesitated.

I can't seem to find anything legitimate regarding this product. Though I've just started my research, I haven't found anything mentioned on any other site or EPA etc.... Can anyone shed some light on this???

My customer agreed to let them put their hands on (1) of the A/C Units as a trial run against better judgement. In return, they want my customer to provide a written statement on a company letterhead stating that they too were skeptics and were amazed at the performance of this refrigerant (Or whatever it is.) I personally think its a bunch of hoopla and gimmics and hope they destroy my customers equipment and voids every warranty imaginable with the use of this product.

Thanks in advance....

BTW - Here's a link to the product in question.